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Recycling Bins

We offer you the very best in recycling bins. They all come with the recycle logo too.


Just as with Toter brand recycle bins, our bins are rotationally molded. This means they don’t come under the same sort of stress as injection mold products. Stress is bad news for plastics, causing cracking and premature aging. Our recycling bins are made to last for 20 years.


Using rotational molding techniques also means both our fixed and portable recycling bins are abrasion resistant too. They can handle a little scraping and scuffing without damaging the plastic. If you have ever used Toter brand recycle bins you will understand what we mean. They are super tough and will stand up to years of abuse. This is especially important for recycling bins on a dolly.


All of our recycling bins are color fast. They come with a two year fade-free guarantee. Being color fast means they are going to keep looking good wherever you choose to use them.


Color matters, and all our bins come in a variety of color choices. When you click on our product descriptions you will find the color options we currently have available there. If the color you want is not present please contact us through our customer support link.


Our 40 gallon recycling bins on a dolly are particularly popular for the home. Moving them around is not an issue, so re-positioning, or collection is a breeze. Why not consider sharing one with a neighbor? Recycling bins on a dolly are also a great idea for offices, where they can even be stored indoors and then wheeled out for collection. The versatility of portable recycling bins makes it that much easier for people to actually use them. Our portable recycling bins are tough and strong as well as being attractive and easy to use.


As well as portable recycling bins you will see that we offer a stand alone 40 gallon recycle bin and a 45 gallon multi bin receptacle. Made to the same great standard as all toter brand recycle bins they both offer convenience in a variety of situations.


We have found the single bins to be very popular in restaurants and office areas as well as in schools and parks. For extra versatility do take a look at our latest 55 gallon multi-recycling bin. It has three different slots for different recycling products such as paper, plastic, aluminum etc.


To really make a statement and get the recycling message across we have the multi-bin system. These bins make it clear what goes where and can look so bright and colorful they are easy for anyone to find. They are ideal for schools, community recycling areas and offices and factories. In fact they are great anywhere. Choose a color scheme you like, or contact us if you want something different.




The products you see on this page are our standard designs. If you have something else in mind please let us know as imaginative designs can be modified to create a mold.




All our products have bulk order discounts!  The more you order, the more you save.

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