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Dedication and Quality Recycling Bins

Dedication and Quality Recycling Bins is a website dedicated to its customers. We offer quality recycling bins that are manufactured to last for 20 years. Our products last for so long due to the rotational molding used to make the receptacle.

This molding makes a recycyling receptacle that is virtually stress-free and stands up to the test of time. Injection molding does not last as long due to the stress generated in the production procedure. For more information about the benefits of rotational molding, please see the link provided on the links page.This molding is why we have a two-year warranty. The bins also use a color fast technology, so it won't fade. If it cracks or even fades, please contact us.

Please sample our products and let us know what you think about them. We provide recycling bins in many colors, styles, and types; more can be offered upon request. You can contact us by using the information on the contacts page. Again, your business means a lot to Light Pixel Productions, so visit our privacy page if you have any questions about our policies. Thank you for your time and interest in our recycling bins and helping the environment.  We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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