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Your Source for Purchasing Recycling Bins is is a site that offers durable, long-lasting recycling bins. Whether you call them recycling bins, recycling containers, recycling receptacles, or recycling stations, they all come with a two-year warranty. Our recycle bins are completely in line with the -reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy that the recycle symbol represents. 

If you are currently using garbage cans at home, recycling bins can help by reducing the amount of clutter and mess created by garbage cans. Our recycle bins also look a lot nicer than the average garbage can too. Using a recycling bin can save you money too, as it cuts down on waste and so reduces what you need to pay out for in disposal.  

We think it is important for people to remember to reduce and reuse as well as well as to recycle. You can do a lot to reduce waste by not using plastic bags and by buying products that are not heavily packaged. You can recycle cans by either using a recycling bin at home, or by collecting them and taking them a larger recycling station. Pop cans create a huge amount of waste in our country and it really so simple to follow the recycle symbol and cut down on this pollution and waste.  

Having attractive, clean and noticeable recycle bins readily available encourages everyone to get into the- reduce, reuse, recycle frame of mind. We offer bins in a variety of shapes and colors. They are all color fast so they won’t fade and look unsightly. If you should receive a bin from us that fades within the two-year warranty period please contact us for a replacement.  

Our recycle bins are manufactured using a top quality process and they are made to last for 20 years. When you look at the pictures of our bins you can see just how attractive they are. A good looking bin makes it easy to recycle cans, plastics, glass and paper. Some of our bins have separate compartments to make the whole recycling job easier too. Using the recycle symbol on the bins also helps to get the message across that that is what they are there for.  

Our recycle bins can be used at home, as factory recycling bins, municipal recycling bins, school recycling bins and much more. Using recycling bins encourages everyone to reduce, reuse, and recycle. When we do that we are helping the world go round.  

When you want to recycle cans, glass or anything else we hope you will consider our attractive bins. We are happy to take small orders and we offer bulk discounts for large orders.  

Please look at our bins and follow the information on how they are made. We are sure you will love them as much as we do. Recycling is good for us all and we are delighted to be able to provide a quality product to make it all easier. 

Why choose our bins?


Our recycling bins last, because we use molding known as rotational molding. The rotational molding helps our recycling bins have many advantages such as:


1. Stronger/ Crack Resistant: Since these bins are only as strong as the sum of their parts. Our bins have consistent wall thickness, durable virgin plastic (has never been used), and are corrosive resistant.


2. Abrasion Resistant/ Drag Proof: This feature means that these bins can actually be dragged by a person without destroying them. This is possible because of the materials used and the consistent wall thickness which eliminates weak points.


3. Better Priced and More Savings: There is no interior core needed for making these products. The tools used to make the products are also less expensive. If you compare the tools used to make metal recycling bins to ours, then you can see the difference in price.


4. More flexibility with designing a new product: We can design almost any bin an imagination can come up with. Even if there are a lot of parts to some of the bins, these can sometimes be combined into one mold. Having fewer parts means less work, and less possibility of anything going wrong.


5. Wall thickness is consistent: It is difficult and almost impossible for injection or blow molding to have consistent walls. However, metal molding has its drawbacks by having stress on the corners which make those corners weak.


6. Takes less time to make: It usually takes a brand new design 6 months to go to market with injection molding. Our recycling bins take half that time


7. Easy to change the design: Our bins can easily be modified, because it doesn’t take much to tweak the molds for our recycling stations.


8. Can make small orders: Since tooling is less expensive, it is actually possible to do small runs. If you buy at least 12 products, you get a discount. However, the more the merrier, 48 or more gets you even more savings.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

REC27/2: 54 gallons of recycling space in two recycling bins under one top. This unit is coming soon.
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